At Castellana Properties, we have rolled out a safety protocol in each of our shopping centres and retail parks. The protocol covers three key areas and is designed to ensure maximum safety and the health of our employees and customers.

1. Hygiene and safety

In order to comply with hygiene and safety best practices, we have analysed the areas with the highest footfall, such as:

  • Vehicle accesses and car parks
  • Pedestrian entrances
  • WCs
  • Baby feeding rooms
  • Lifts
  • Relaxation areas and staff rooms
  • Children's play areas and escalators

We have identified an average of 18 locations at each centre, where we are redoubling hygiene and safety measures. Such measures include, among many others, the following:

  • Hand sanitiser dispensers at entrances, in WCs and various other points around the shopping centre
  • Shoe disinfectant mats at pedestrian entrances
  • Installation of specific bins for disposable PPE
  • Disinfection of baby feeding rooms after each use
  • Improved air filtration and quality
  • Constant monitoring of capacity levels

2. Social distancing

In a bid to ensure social distancing and guarantee the health of all the customers and employees at our shopping centres, and in line with official health guidelines, we have designated separate entrances for entering and exiting our centres and implemented a one-way system to follow once inside, affixing clear signage to doorways and the floor. In addition to many other measures, we have increased the amount of terrace space for restaurants in our food courts.

3. Raising awareness

At Castellana Properties, we believe it is vitally important to raise awareness and enforce health protocols to guarantee the safety of both our customers and our employees. As such, we are developing several awareness campaigns and installing signage around our centres to ensure that people comply with these measures as we return to the so-called “new normal”.

For more information: Castellana Properties is committed to ensuring safety in its shopping centres and will implement more than 200 new measures in each centre