Castellana Properties has donated €108,000 from our Charitable Fund to buy food, educational material and healthcare goods across all of our shopping centres.

1. Los Arcos - SEVILLE

Castellana Properties and Los Arcos have teamed up with the Seville Food Bank to help combat the significant rise in demand for help due to COVID-19. We have donated €7,500 to the Seville Food Bank to purchase food and essential goods.

Also, at the end of March we installed free vending machines for key frontline workers such as carriers, local and national police and other law enforcement officials, giving them access to free coffee, drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Lastly, we joined forces with the Red Cross to help the children and young people of Seville via their ‘Promoting success at school’ campaign, donating almost €9,000 towards tablets for those who were unable to access the internet and help them complete the school year.

2. Bahía Sur - CÁDIZ

At our Bahía Sur centre, we have teamed up with associations including the Spanish Red Cross in Cádiz and the Cádiz Food Bank to help do as much as possible to ease the economic hardship that the local community is suffering as a result of COVID-19.

We have participated in the following initiatives in the area:

  • We have provided the Spanish Red Cross in Cádiz with equipment to assist them in their day-to-day operations. We have also provided them with €6,000 worth of essential goods and supported their ‘Promoting success at school’ campaign, donating almost €9,000 towards educational materials so that children and young people in Cádiz can continue to study. We have also collaborated with the Red Cross marketing campaign appealing for new volunteers and charity donations.
  • We supplied the Cádiz Food Bank with 1,000 litres of oil – one of the essential products that the organisation needs the most.

3. Habaneras - ALICANTE

In the province of Alicante, Castellana Properties and our Habaneras shopping centre have joined forces in the fight against COVID-19 in the province, by donating €7,800 to the Alicante Food Bank.

To help children complete the school year, we have also donated almost €9,000 to the Red Cross ‘Promoting success at school’ campaign, which helps provide children and young people from vulnerable families in Alicante with tablets to help them study.

4. Granaita - GRANADA

Granaita retail park and Castellana Properties have also played their part in reducing the negative impacts of the current situation by helping vulnerable groups in the province of Granada to achieve better working conditions in their struggle against the pandemic.

Together, they have donated €7,500 worth of masks, hand sanitiser, gloves and PPE to civil protection services, local police and Cáritas, among other local associations.

A further donation of €7,500 was made in April to the Granada Food Bank, to help buy much-needed essential food products.

5. Vallsur - VALLADOLID

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, Castellana Properties and Vallsur shopping centre have worked together on a series of initiatives to make life easier for people in Valladolid, by providing them with products that they need during these difficult times.

For instance, we have donated €7,800 to the Valladolid Food Bank to pay for 15,600 breakfasts and do our bit to help cover the basic needs of local families.

We have also been working in collaboration with the General Foundation of the Universidad de Valladolid, helping with their current project at their manufacturing laboratory (FabLab) to produce protective face masks for healthcare workers. We have donated €7,800 to this cause, helping to pay for equipment to step up production of PPE which will then be given to care homes, including Valladolid’s La Casa de la Beneficiencia.

6. Puerta Europa - ALGECIRAS (CÁDIZ)

At our Puerta Europa shopping centre, we have teamed up with the Campo de Gibraltar Food Bank, donating €7,800 towards non-perishable goods for the most disadvantaged families in the region.

We have also donated almost €9,000 to the Red Cross to help fund the purchase of tablets for children and young people as part of their ‘Promoting success at school’ campaign. This initiative aims to relieve the impact of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable families in the area and help children to complete the school year.

7. El Faro - BADAJOZ

Castellana Properties and El Faro have donated 3,000 kg of food to the Badajoz Food Bank to help cover the most basic needs of disadvantaged families in the province.

In a bid to help children and young people in Badajoz complete the school year as best as possible, we have also collaborated with the Red Cross in their ‘Promoting success at school’ campaign, donating almost €9,000 towards the acquisition of tablets so that these children can access the internet.