Social Actions at asset level

Castellana Properties prioritises cooperation and the generation of strategic alliances to generate value in local communities.

The most significant ESG actions carried out in FY23 and implemented in all Assets are detailed below.

Date al Play

Action to combat sedentary lifestyles

Portfolio action

Different activities, games and competitions took place in all Castellana Properties shopping centres, with the aim of raising awareness of the risks of sedentary lifestyles in Spain and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. A set with a bicycle surprised all visitors to the centres, inviting them to take a refreshing drink if they completed 2 minutes of activity.

World Environment Day

Shopping Centre Bahía Sur

Every year, Bahía Sur Shopping Centre launches a series of activities to raise awareness and care for our environment on the World Environment Day: cleaning of the bay, educational workshops, exhibitions of sustainable vehicles, free outdoor activities and the pre-loved and sustainable clothes market: Hibuy Market.

Walk against Diabetes

Shopping Centre Vallsur

In collaboration with the Valladolid Diabetes Association (ADIVA), the Diabetes Walk is held every year. In addition, various workshops, exhibitions, children’s entertainment, and draws are held, all related to the history and awareness of this disease. The money raised goes entirely to the association.

Murgas and Comparsas competition in favour of the Badajoz Bank Food

El Faro Shopping Centre

The competition, held in the cinemas of the Shopping Centre, hosted the seven most important groups of Badajoz, that bring a touch of fun with a symbolic price of 4 euros per ticket. The Shopping Centre collected more than 600 litres of milk through this fun and solidarity action.

I like it

Down Syndrome awareness campaign

Los Arcos Shopping Centre

Los Arcos shopping centre gave a space in the mall to the inclusive design studio La Casa de Carlota, for the exhibition of the artistic project “Me gusta” (I like it). These cheerful designers dressed the columns and corridors with beautiful phrases, which showed the authenticity of the way of life of people with Down’s syndrome.

Canine and feline market with veterinary service

Shopping Centre Bahía Sur

This initiative, in which several animal protection organizations participate, has been held at the centre for two consecutive years. The action has a charity point for pet donations and a veterinary area with a very reduced cost for all members of the Bahía Sur Club.