At Castellana Properties we have identified our main stakeholders who have a major influence on the day-to-day business of our operations:






Local communities



At Castellana Properties, we consider it essential to establish a relationship of confidence and transparency with our investors. We recognize that transparency, efficiency, and predictability in the Company’s performance are key to meeting their expectations and building long-lasting relationships.

To ensure this transparency, we provide regular reports that give our investors a clear and detailed view of our financial results, strategies, and business performance.
In addition, we organize corporate and results presentations where we share updates on the Company’s progress, milestones achieved and future plans.

99.52% Main shareholder Vukile Property Fund Limited (Updated on march 31, 2024)

6.6 € Share price (Updated on march 31, 2024)

6 Issued Reports (FY24)


At Castellana Properties, we pride ourselves on building strong, quality relationships with our employees. Our commitment is to create an inclusive, safe and constantly developing work environment, where all team members feel valued, respected and motivated.

As evidence of the actions we implement in favor of the well-being of our employees, in FY24 we obtained for the third consecutive year the Great Place to Work certification.

In addition, we obtained a 92% trust index, which increased 1 point over the previous edition, consolidating our leadership position with respect to the competition and reinforcing the trust and satisfaction that our employees have in our organization.

Survey results

97% of employees responded to the survey

97% say it’s a great place to work

97% are proud to say they work at Castellana Properties

94% say they want to work with the company for the long term

92% confidence index

100% believe that their supervisors run the business honestly and ethically


At Castellana Properties, our commitment to our tenants is fundamental and we work hard to create environments that promote their physical and mental wellbeing. We consider healthy, safe, and pleasant spaces to be of vital importance.

We value our tenants’ feedback highly and their satisfaction is a priority for us. We therefore conduct regular surveys to assess their level of satisfaction and gather feedback, which allows us to identify areas for improvement and take concrete actions to enhance their well-being.

7.7/10 Average satisfaction of surveys carried out in the shopping centres

100% Assets having operator relationship channels

99% Asset Occupancy

100% Assets that comply with the applicable accessibility regulations in each case


At Castellana Properties, our customer focus is fundamental to delivering unforgettable experiences at our shopping centres. We strive to bring the most powerful and exciting events and experiences, with the aim of creating leisure spaces that go beyond shopping. We pride ourselves on working in collaboration with local stakeholders and creating partnerships that strengthen ties with the communities we serve.

During calendar year 2023, we launched more than 370 events and animations in our shopping centres as a sign of our unwavering commitment. These events encompassed a wide range of activities and entertainment, designed to appeal to people of all ages looking for unique experiences. Some of these events were even produced in-house, leveraging the strength of our portfolio to generate synergies and cost efficiencies.

376 Events in 2023

1M€ Invested in events and actions

162 ESG events and actions

An example of these events is “The Chocolate Factory”. During this event, visitors can enjoy three weeks of a large exhibition of more than 100 m2 with more than 4,500kg of chocolate, 260kg of honey and 60kg of nuts made to measure for the Castellana Properties shopping centres by Álvaro Romero, master chocolatier of Choco-Expo. In addition, the exhibition recycles all the chocolate for future works, and has different elements set in Wonka’s world, such as a village made up of fantasy buildings, giant lollipops and a river of honey and nuts.


At Castellana Properties, we believe in the importance of establishing strategic alliances with suppliers who share our values and ethical principles. We strive to ensure that all our business operations are responsible and sustainable.

To achieve this goal, we conduct regular surveys to assess and monitor the performance of our most significant suppliers against ESG criteria. These surveys allow us to obtain detailed information on our suppliers’ business practices in areas such as regulatory compliance, waste management, carbon footprint, fair treatment of employees and supply chain transparency.

Our goal is to ensure that more and more suppliers adopt practices aligned with our values and ethical principles, thereby contributing to building a more sustainable and ethical business environment.

Survey results

69% Carry out social actions

62% Have a Code of Ethics

62% Implement measures for the work-life balance of its employees

62% Contributes to achieving the SDGs

62% Have an ESG strategy in place with short- and medium-term objectives

58% Have a defined ESG/Sustainability policy

Local communities

At Castellana Properties, we are aware of the impact that our shopping centres have on the communities where we are present, in terms of employment, economy and urban development.

As such, we have a strong commitment to economic development and seek to generate a positive impact in the communities where we operate. We collaborate with local organizations to support different social and cultural initiatives that have a positive impact on the community, we encourage the generation of quality employment, we promote the creation and development of small local businesses by providing accessible and flexible rental space and we are committed to promoting sustainable practices and environmental management.

100% Of employees volunteered

310K Earmarked for ESG actions in the portfolio

55K€ Allocated to corporate donations

11.5M€ In wealth generation at local suppliers

During FY24 various social actions were carried out at corporate level and social actions at asset level.


Financing is a crucial pillar for the development and expansion of Castellana Properties. Banks not only provide the necessary capital for our investments, but also add value through their expertise and financial advice. Working with banks gives us access to a variety of financial services that optimise the management of our resources and enhance our ability to respond to market fluctuations.

Our strategy focuses on building strong, long-term relationships with banking institutions. This translates into constant and transparent communication, the search for mutually beneficial agreements and the implementation of responsible financial practices that reinforce our credit strength. By recognising banks as a key stakeholder, Castellana Properties reiterates its commitment to financial excellence and economic sustainability.

Banks play a crucial role in our approach to sustainability. Through sustainable financial products, we are able to implement projects that not only generate economic value, but also social and environmental value. Green finance and ESG-linked lending are examples of how banking institutions help us advance our commitment to sustainable development.