Natural ecosystems provide us with both clean air and water essential for food security, human health, and sustainable development.

Castellana Properties assumes the commitment to include the protection of wild animals, protected and vulnerable species throughout the life cycle of its assets. Likewise, it undertakes to integrate biodiversity into its assets, as well as the analysis, management and reporting of long-term risks.

Bahía Sur, within its #ActivatuModoVIVO program, collaborates with different associations in various environmental actions, which show that we are in a privileged space that we must take care of and maintain together.

Circular Economy

The circular economy seeks to reduce the consumption and waste of raw materials, water, and energy, maintaining existing resources for as long as possible.

For Castellana Properties, circularity is key to maintaining the capacity of ecosystems to provide healthy soils and clean water, since it is based on eliminating waste and pollution, reusing and recycling products and materials, and regenerating nature.

Sustainable Design Handbook


Water scarcity is a major global issue, affecting more than 40% of the world’s population. For Castellana Properties, water resource management is a key element in reducing the impact on the environment. For this reason, the Company proposes strategies to make the use of water as efficient as possible, incorporating into the operations of its assets measures that promote the optimization and reduction of its consumption.