Castellana Properties is reasserting its commitment to innovation with a new company-wide programme, ‘iCast’. The initiative was first conceived in January 2020 following two days of in-depth discussions involving every member of the company’s team. Its launch comes as a further demonstration of Castellana Properties’ uncompromising commitment to innovation, one of its core values for the future.

iCast is designed to help Castellana Properties lead the way in innovation, create added value, spearhead transformation throughout the company, support and nurture talent, promote digital skills, cultivate agility and drive positive change, both within the company and across the retail sector. Castellana Properties carried out an analysis of the diverse needs facing the retail sector in today’s world, forming a series of work groups tasked with gaining a deep understanding of each challenge, examining potential solutions and devising new initiatives – all aimed at helping shopping centres adapt to emerging consumer needs and excel as true omnichannel spaces.

To get the ball rolling, the company is embarking on a seven-step plan designed to foster actionable projects that respond to new consumer habits and retailer needs in the short to medium term. The first round of projects will be focused on customer analytics, digital innovation, security, retailer needs and logistics.

Castellana Properties enlisted branding and innovation firm TOTEM Branding to help with iCast’s design, launch and development and to lead on branding. Castellana Properties has been fully engaged in the process of creating a vision for the programme and designing its methodology. The TOTEM team is working alongside Castellana Properties daily to ensure that iCast is a resounding success.

Alfonso Brunet, CEO of Castellana Properties, said ‘innovation is an intricate part of Castellana Properties’ DNA, and we want it to stay that way. That’s why we’ve developed this programme that’s got everyone in the company so engaged. With iCast, we want to be at the forefront of adaptation to the progressive changes we’re seeing in the retail environment, driving transformation both of the company and throughout the sector. Castellana Properties is ready to lead this cutting-edge work and committed to offering unbeatable service to tenants and visitors at our shopping centres and retail parks.’

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