· Castellana Properties is teaming up with the Spanish Association for the Prevention of Classroom Bullying (AEPAE), to raise awareness of the problem and to teach schoolchildren to recognise bullying and take constructive action

· No lo Sigas kicked off last Wednesday at Los Arcos shopping centre in Seville, and will now be rolled out across the Castellana Properties portfolio

· For the duration of the campaign, each shopping centre will organise educational events, workshops and activities in schools, as well as online initiatives, competitions and fund-raising efforts to draw attention to this harmful social issue

Castellana Properties is strengthening its commitment to local communities with the launch of No lo Sigas, aimed at tackling bullying at school and especially online. The campaign will run at every shopping centre in the company’s portfolio.

Cases of bullying at school are on the rise in Spain, exacerbated by the ubiquity of social media and digital platforms that make it easy to circulate abusive and hurtful content. To tackle the problem, Castellana Properties has joined forces with anti-bullying association AEPEA on a campaign entitled No lo hagas. No lo sigas. No lo compartas (“Don’t do it. Don’t follow. Don’t share”) to help children understand how harmful this behaviour can be. The goal is to empower them to recognise incidences of bullying and stop the situation from escalating.

What’s on at Castellana Properties shopping centres

No lo Sigas kicked off last Wednesday, 5 May, at Los Arcos in Seville, at an event attended by Pedro García Aguado, Antonio Camorro and campaign ambassadors from the AEPAE. The initiative will now be rolled out across the Castellana Properties portfolio. Over the next few months, each of the company’s shopping centres will be running a range of activities to raise visitors’ awareness of bullying in all its forms.

Throughout May, the campaign will focus on Los Arcos and the Bahía Sur shopping centre in San Fernando, Cádiz. Then, in early June, it will touch down in Badajoz’s El Faro shopping centre, before hitting Puerta Europa (Algeciras, Cádiz) and Habaneras (Torrevieja, Alicante). Finally, in October, a varied programme of activities will take place at Vallsur shopping centre in Valladolid and Granaita retail park in Granada.

Developed and presented by the AEPAE, these educational events will include discussions aimed at parents, teachers and pupils held both within the shopping centre and in local schools. A number of schools will benefit from workshops and practical activities designed to teach children to spot cyberbullying as soon as it happens and immediately disengage. The programme also features training workshops and talks from anti-bullying experts, an annual competition for schools, a social media campaign and real-time cyberbullying simulations displayed on a giant mobile phone screen within the shopping centre. In a parallel initiative, the company has committed to donating €1 for every photograph shared on social media using the “NOLOSIGAS” filter, specially created for the campaign.

Alfonso Brunet, CEO of Castellana Properties, explains that “Cyberbullying is becoming more prevalent every year, and as a society we have a duty to call attention to it and work together to try to stamp it out. That’s why Castellana Properties have launched this campaign – to raise the profile of the problem and help make a difference in our local communities. Thanks to our partnership with the AEPAE, we’ll be working together to change attitudes and do our bit to stop bullying in its tracks.”

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