• This new initiative forms part of Castellana Properties' strategy to innovate across all areas of its business

• From today, Habaneras, Los Arcos, El Faro and Puerta Europa will all use this platform, which speeds up the short-term rental process to offer the services customers need in those spaces

• This digital solution will help create predefined packs of multiple spaces and locations for brands, start-ups and online businesses

Habaneras, Los Arcos, El Faro and Puerta Europa, have all teamed up with Flexibleplaces.com to offer their unique spaces to tenants at each of these shopping centres, making it easier to rent them on a short-term basis via its online platform. With this initiative, Castellana Properties has reasserted its commitment to innovation as set out in its iCast project. From today, this partnership will make it easier to rent retail units in Castellana's shopping centres, enabling firms to meet the needs and requirements of its customers in each of these locations.

This agreement further cements the relationship between these two companies, as Castellana Properties implements Spain's leading digital tool at Habaneras, Los Arcos, El Faro and Puerta Europa, in order to speed up its fieldwork and allow it to manage its short-term rentals via the cloud, cutting out third party involvement and saving precious management time. Via the Flexibleplaces.com platform, Castellana Properties will also offer brands a new way to connect with their customers, providing them with spaces where they can create experiences by using a flexible short-term rental system.

This new and innovative model launched by Flexibleplaces.com allows the company to segment its short-term rental income by shopping centre, use type and brand, comparing any coefficients by date, geographic area, business activity, type of income and location, among other factors. The platform then sorts all the management of requests pending approval and booking statuses, bringing them all together online in each shopping centre’s dedicated private area. Management can easily block certain locations in their calendar so that an empty location is not open to the public or available to book on a specific date, to avoid double-bookings with marketing events or any other activities held at the shopping centre.

Castellana Properties will also be the first company to use this digital solution to create predefined packs of spaces and locations for brands and open its doors to a new type of client: start-ups and online businesses, which often have different requirements.

According to Claudia Cabrera, Project Manager at Castellana Properties, “We always aspire to offer our clients the most advanced solutions on the market. The sector is transforming quickly, so it is vital that we create new models to meet the needs of both brands and management teams alike. In this new scenario, the role of digitalisation is becoming ever more important for real-time analysis, efficient time management and optimisation of resources”.

Sonia Martínez Uclés, founder of the Flexibleplaces.com platform, responded that “Our goal is to position ourselves as the top digital tool for managing short-term rentals. We want to offer the most comprehensive tool out there, to analyse all the data and offer property owners and managers the opportunity to profit from every single square metre of their properties”.

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