• The company’s recent initiative, ‘Dale #Unfollow CiberBullying ’, aimed at tackling online bullying among children and young people, was declared the winner of the ‘Web, Apps and Gaming’ category under the ‘Digital and Mobile’ section’.

• The award recognises both the imaginative design of the initiative’s website Nolosigas.com and the impressive impact of its digital campaign.

• Castellana Properties succeeded in reaching more than two-and a-half million users to raise awareness of the problem, while also running educational workshops in schools and dedicated activities in its shopping centres in cities across Spain.

Madrid, 22 December 2021. Castellana Properties, a listed company specialising in the retail sector and committed to actively managing its portfolio, has been announced the winner of the Chupete de Oro award at the 17th edition of El Chupete 2021. An independent organisation dedicated to promoting responsible communication and creativity among children and young people , El Chupete was impressed by the company’s campaign against cyberbullying and online harassment – judged a fitting winner for this year’s theme of ‘Girl Power’. The campaign, ‘Dale #Unfollow CiberBullying’ was developed in partnership with the marketing agency Jumpers and entered under the ‘Web, Apps and Gaming’ category in the ‘Digital and Mobile’ section.

This year’s edition of El Chupete recognised a total of 26 projects, masterminded by prestigious names like LEGO, Ferrero, Kinder, El Corte Inglés, BBVA and Mediaset.

According to the jury, Castellana Properties stood out for the imaginative design of its website Nolosigas.com, created in partnership with the marketing agency Jumpers, and the impressive data to come out of its digital campaign. The initiative’s Google Display campaign reached a total of 2,690,000 users and attracted more than 10,000 visits to Nolosigas.com.

The website drew particular praise for its dedicated form allowing users to request further guidance if needed,

at which point they are put in contact with both the Spanish Association for the Prevention of School Bullying (AEPAE) and a qualified professional who can provide individual support.

In addition, more than 1,800 primary and secondary pupils in cities with Castellana Properties shopping centres took part in education sessions delivered by the AEPAE. The company made its message heard in cities all over Spain through a programme of workshops and activities held in Los Arcos (Seville), Bahía Sur and Puerta Europa (Cadiz), El Faro (Badajoz), Habaneras (Alicante), Vallsur (Valladolid) and the Granaita retail park (Granada).

Under the slogan No lo hagas. No lo sigas. No lo compartas. (‘Don’t do it. Don’t follow. Don’t share.’), it ran a successful, multifaceted and purposefully inclusive campaign with a clear emphasis on multichannel communication. Castellana Properties was keen to highlight the importance of education to prevent school bullying, using a multitude of digital channels, articles in the press and specialist magazines, classroom workshops and introductory talks hosted at its shopping centres. One of its most impactful ideas was installing giant mobile phone simulators in each of the company’s shopping centres. These allowed visitors to experience for themselves what it feels like to be targeted by online bullies.

The real estate firm also wanted to draw attention to the amplifying effect of social networks and digital media and how their massive reach can be harnessed to thwart messages causing harassment. For example, the campaign included a special Instagram filter, with a donation for every share. The filter was used by more than 645,000 people, raising a total of €10,000 for the Spanish Association for the Prevention of School Bullying.

Cristina Macarrón, Marketing Director at Castellana Properties, said, ‘We are delighted to have helped raise the profile of this very serious problem and extremely grateful to have our efforts recognised at the 17th edition of El Chupete. Our goal for this project was to demonstrate how technology can be used in a positive way, as a tool for educating young people about unacceptable behaviour. At Castellana Properties, we will continue to back any initiative that helps build a more thoughtful and compassionate society for all.’

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