• The report highlights a trust index score of 91%, 4 points up on the previous edition

•  81% of employees highlight the positive work environment, the level of independence given to staff and the good working conditions

•  The sense of pride in belonging to the Company, along with the level of respect and equality are the other highest-scoring aspects in the survey

Madrid, 27 July 2022. Castellana Properties, the listed specialist retail property company, has been certified for a second year running as a Great Place to Work in 2022 by the consultancy firm Great Place to Work®. The Company achieved a score that was 21 points above the threshold required for entering the ranking, making it the highest-scoring real estate company in Spain. The company obtained a trust index result of 91%, 4 points higher than in the previous edition and topping the sector average by 16 points.

The data was obtained via a survey comprising over 70 questions and was completed by 94% of the workforce. 81% of those surveyed highlight the work environment, the level of independence given to staff and the working conditions. 97% also place an important emphasis on the sense of community and camaraderie among employees, with 9 out of 10 indicating that colleagues are extremely friendly and supportive. Credibility and the leadership style at Castellana Properties are also two of its strong points, with 94% of respondents stating that members of management are approachable and easy to talk to. Also, all those surveyed agree that the management team represents company values such as sustainable growth, teamwork, integrity and transparency, as well as a steadfast commitment to productivity and innovation, among others.

Another standout point is employees’ sense of pride, with staff feeling extremely proud to belong to the company and really feeling part of any company successes. 100% of those surveyed feel proud when they look at what the company has achieved and almost everyone is proud to say that they work at Castellana Properties. This sense of pride is very closely linked to people’s individual motivation to achieve goals, with 100% of respondents reinforcing this idea and stating that they are willing to give their absolute all in their day-to-day.

Company performance improves vs. previous survey

The survey analyses five dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie. Castellana Properties has improved its score across all five dimensions compared to last year’s report, achieving 94 points in camaraderie, 93 in pride, 91 in credibility, 90 in fairness and 86 in respect – bringing its overall figure up by a total of 4%.

As shown in the results obtained in the survey, the company remains deeply committed to growing internal talent and motivating its employees, with its staff benefitting from a flexible and welcoming work environment that is committed to its team. As such, Castellana Properties aims to enable its employees to find a positive work-life balance, offering them a hybrid working model. The Company has also implemented flexible work hours and has improved its Work-Life Balance Policy, helping towards the work-life integration of its employees, as it also sets out in its sustainability report. The firm has also recently rolled out new initiatives to improve the well-being of its employees, such as actively encouraging sport via free GymPasses and championing the benefits of a healthy diet by having fresh fruit delivered to the office every day.

This prestigious accolade awarded by the Great Place to Work® consultancy firm once again acknowledges Castellana Properties as a company with a culture that is built on a high level of trust, is fair and able to attract and retain talent, as well as one that is able to respond quickly and effectively to market challenges.

Alfonso Brunet, CEO of Castellana Properties stated “we are extremely proud to have obtained this certification for a second year running and to have improved on our 2021 scores, an achievement that is thanks to a great deal of hard work and dedication. This is proof of the Company’s positive journey, both on a results level and in terms of our human approach. We will continue to work to improve the well-being of our employees, focusing particularly on sustainability and innovation, as well as on the company’s growth and generating value for our shareholders”.

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