• Cable Energía, the energy mobility company owned by the Shell group, will install 350 rapid and ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging points offering from 22kW to 350kW.

• The chargers will be able to charge an EV within a matter of minutes to hours, offering bespoke charging options depending on the client’s needs.

• This venture is designed to help drive an efficient and accessible transition towards electric mobility in line with the strategic objectives of both Castellana Properties and Shell.

Castellana Properties, the listed specialist retail property company, has signed an agreement with Cable Energía, the energy mobility company operating in Spain and Portugal and owned by the Shell group, to install 350 high-spec EV charging points. The chargers’ capacity will range from 22kW up to 350kW, depending on the exact location where they are installed. Approximately 30% of the points will be rapid chargers of over 50kW and 22% will be ultra-rapid 350kW chargers, allowing an EV to be charged in just a matter of minutes.

The agreement will allow the group to form part of the Shell Recharge network, which boasts more than 275,000 charging points across Europe. The Castellana Properties portfolio will see chargers installed across 14 of its properties, including the Los Arcos, Bahía Sur, Vallsur, Habaneras, Puerta Europa and El Faro shopping centres and the Parque Principado, Parque Oeste, Motril Retail Park and Granaita retail parks, with others being located at different points across the country.

Castellana Properties and Shell: committed to sustainability

The collaboration between both companies is further progress in the transition towards a more sustainable planet. The aim of the agreement is fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set out by Castellana Properties in relation to the decarbonisation of transport and sustainable mobility. In fact, this year the company published its first ESG report, setting out its sustainability strategy and commitment to procuring renewable energy supplies across 100% of its portfolio, rolling out an ISO 50001-compliant energy management system, setting up self-consumption renewable energy facilities at 75% of its shopping centres and implementing a range of energy efficiency measures (SDG 7).

Alfonso Brunet, CEO of Castellana Properties, has highlighted that: “we are extremely proud to announce this collaboration that marks the achievement of a new milestone in the company’s sustainability roadmap. With the installation of these chargers, Castellana Properties continues to move closer towards achieving the sustainable development goals set out in its ESG report and makes further progress in the transition towards sustainable mobility”.

Meanwhile Shell Spain, via Cable Energía, continues to roll out its charger network across Spain and Portugal. This partnership will allow it to increase the range of recharging solutions it offers to EV drivers. These 350 new charging points come in addition to a portfolio of more than 200 projects that this company is currently in the process of rolling out. Cable Energía continues to work towards the transition to a decarbonised transport network, focusing on putting in place the infrastructure required to ensure vehicles always have access to charging points no matter when or where they need them.

Óscar Fernández, CEO of Shell Spain highlighted: “The rollout of efficient charging points is the only way to ensure that a lack of EV autonomy does not represent a barrier to entry for drivers. That is why Cable Energía has made it its goal to install at least one charging point every 50 km by 2025”.

About Castellana Properties

Castellana Properties is a listed company specialising in the retail sector and committed to actively managing its portfolio – a portfolio comprising 16 shopping centres and retail parks located across Spain, with a gross lettable area of 350,271 sqm. The total value of its assets amounts to circa EUR1,100 million. Its outstanding track record earned it the EPRA BPR Gold Award in 2021, a distinction that recognises and commends the efforts of real estate companies that exemplify successful adoption of EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association) guidelines for financial and non-financial reporting.

For more information, please visit: https://castellanaproperties.es/

About Cable Energía

Cable Energía, is a sustainable mobility infrastructure company which has been serving EV drivers since 2018. In July 2022 it was acquired by the Shell group. It is committed to delivering innovation and excellence for end users as a reliable, flexible, fast and cutting-edge energy mobility company.

For more information, please visit: https://cablenergia.com/

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