· The event has undoubtedly had a positive impact on footfall, which climbed 11.6% versus 2022 and 5% versus 2019, and has brought the Company more than €112,000 in associated sales.

· Customers rated the experience with 8.65 points out of 10, with the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a measurement of recommendation, coming in at 68 points – with anything above 20 already being considered a very good score.

· This initiative, inspired by the famous legend of King Arthur, is a further demonstration of the Company’s commitment to transforming its shopping centres into leisure and entertainment spaces that offer fun for all the family and so much more than a traditional shopping experience.

Castellana Properties, the listed company specialising in the retail sector, has successfully drawn its “Legend of Excalibur” event to a close. This experience, exclusively designed for the Castellana portfolio in collaboration with Grupo Burke, was rolled out during the first few months of the year across all its shopping centres and the Granaita retail park. The initiative, based on the story of King Arthur, saw the Company’s portfolio transformed into the Kingdom of Camelot via a whole host of activities, games, shows, parades, photocalls and themed displays. A line-up that brought more than €112,000 in associated sales and saw the Company’s footfall climb by 11.6% compared to 2022 and by 5% compared to 2019.

The event has given customers the opportunity to enjoy more than 70 live shows and proved a resounding success among customers who have awarded the experience an overall rating of 8.65 points out of 10 and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) – which is a measurement of recommendation – of 68 points, with anything above 20 already being considered a very good score.

The “Legend of Excalibur” project offers yet another example of the Company’s commitment to making compelling and exciting events and experiences a hallmark of its shopping centres. The launch of more than 370 entertainment events over the course of 2022, is testament to Castellana Properties’ iron-clad commitment to turning its shopping centres into go-to destinations where people can do so much more than simply shop, and to creating leisure spaces that attract people looking to enjoy all sorts of activities and shows.

For Cristina Macarrón, CMO at Castellana Properties, "the results of the “Legend of Excalibur” initiative are further proof that what customers are really looking for in shopping centres today, is new leisure options and memorable experiences for the whole family. As specialists in retail, our current goal is to offer a non-stop line-up of unique standout events, and to continue working with key local players to strengthen the ties with the communities in our catchment areas”.

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